Jane Corbin

Internationally respected for many years as one of the faces of the BBC Jane Corbin has covered the world’s major conflicts for more than two decades. As senior correspondent for Panorama, the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme, she has investigated the key security, human rights and international development issues of our times and won many awards. She has also presented major documentaries on BBC2 - investigations into the rise and threat posed by China and Putin’s Russia and well as covering the global terrorism from Europe and the USA to the Middle East and Asia.

  • An accomplished international media commentator on the Middle East, Asia and human rights. Author of well-regarded current affairs books and many authoritative articles.
  • Contributes regularly in high level policy arenas - Parliamentary Committees and think-tanks as well as chairing conferences and public speaking to high level political and business groups.

Three times winner of the Royal Television Society award, BAFTA winner, Emmy nominee, Winner of Amnesty International and other major awards.

Reporter and writer on more than 150 documentaries and investigative programmes, many made in co-production with international broadcasters.

Author of The Base: al-Qaeda and the Changing Face of Global Terror and Gaza First – an insider account of the Oslo peace process.

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, expert witness on the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and terrorism before UK Parliamentary Committees.

1988-2023: Senior BBC TV Foreign Affairs correspondent

Jane specialises in foreign affairs, diplomacy and international investigations and is known for her work on security issues, proliferation and the rise of Islamist extremism. For the past twenty years Jane has reported for Panorama on a wide range of foreign affairs subjects from China and Taiwan to Russia and Ukraine and an extensive body of work on terrorism - al-Qaeda and ISIS

Jane has reported extensively on the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia - part of her substantial body of work in the Middle East spanning three decades. She revealed the inside story of the most strategic player in the region – General Qassem Soleimani a year before he was killed in a US attack. She had exclusive access to the secret negotiations that led to the Oslo Accords in 1993 and presented a major BBC2 history of British-Israel relations on the centenary of the Balfour Declaration.

Jane has worked extensively in Pakistan and Afghanistan over two decades from covering the hunt by coalition Special Forces for Osama Bin Laden to his killing in 2011. Jane has worked frequently in Iraq, Jordan and Syria including with the UN Weapons Inspectors in 2003. She charted the rise of ISIS and their threat to kill Christianity in the birthplace of the religion. She has revealed the inside story of terrorist attacks in the UK, USA, North Africa and Asia. She has made films in Iran on the country’s nuclear programme and human rights record and has also worked in India.

Jane has also reported extensively from the Far East – this year exploring Taiwan’s record of standing up to China and how the chances of conflict in the Pacific are growing. She has investigated North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, working from Seoul with high ranking defectors. She revealed how the Chinese Communist Party is secretly extending its influence and propaganda across Australia, the US and Britain. Jane has covered the former Soviet republics, the Balkans and Eastern Europe and worked in Russia over three decades including investigating the nerve agent attack in Salisbury in 2018. Last year her programme aired shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine was the first to explore Putin’s motives and accurately predict how his war would unfold in the region.

Jane has presented BBC News, The Money Programme, Election Specials and appeared on a range of other BBC programmes as well as CNN, ABC, CBS and many other international outlets. Her documentaries are seen around the world by many millions of people.

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