Andrew Roberts, Andrew Greig, Amy Jeffs, and 10 others among The Times Best Genre Books of 2021

It was a bumper crop for the agency over the weekend as The Times included 13 of our authors among their best genre books round-up of 2021.

Andrew Greig’s ROSE NICOLSON and Andrew Roberts’s GEORGE III were among the 33 best books from every genre.

Dr Amy Jeffs’s STORYLAND and Andrew Greig’s ROSE NICOLSON again, were among the best historical fiction books.

Justin Marozzi’s THE ARAB CONQUESTS, Dan Jones’s POWERS AND THRONES, and Mary Wellesley’s HIDDEN HANDS were among the best history books.

Catherine Ostler’s THE DUCHESS COUNTESS, Tristram Hunt’s THE RADICAL POTTER, HENRY ‘CHIPS’ CHANNON: THE DIARIES vols 1 & 2 edited by Simon Heffer, and Andrew Roberts’s GEORGE III again, were among the best biography and memoir books.

Katie Engelhart’s THE INEVITABLE was one of the best philosophy and ideas books.

Arabella Lennox Boyd’s GARDENS IN MY LIFE was one of the best gardening books.

And finally, Franny Moyle’s THE KING’S PAINTER and Philip Hoare’s ALBERT AND THE WHALE were among the best art books of 2021.