Angelina Jolie's production company, Jolie Pas, has bought an option to produce ‘Catherine the Great & Potemkin'

We are pleased to announce that Angelina Jolie has, through her production company Jolie Pas, bought an option to produce and adapt Simon Sebag Montefiore’s book, CATHERINE THE GREAT & POTEMKIN: The Imperial Love Affair for film or TV drama.

“I am delighted by the deal,” said Montefiore. “Catherine is one of the most fascinating women in history. Her relationship with the love of her life, Potemkin, is one of the most romantic but also impressive partnerships: they were matched in brilliance, ambition, passion. Their love letters are extraordinary. Their arrangement of power and love was unique, shocking to many, but very open-minded and creative. This was my first history book, published in 2000. The characters are dear to my heart and I can’t imagine my book could be in better, more sensitive hands. This is a dream team to bring Catherine and Potemkin, these exceptional and flamboyant characters to the screen. ”