Martin MacInnes' In Ascension features in the round ups for 2023

Martin MacInnes's new book IN ASCENSION features in the round ups for the best books to look out for in 2023, including in The Times, The Guardian, and The Journal.

In The Times:

In Ascension by Martin MacInnes (Atlantic)

This rising star from Inverness — his 2017 debut, Infinite Ground, won the Somerset Maugham award — has written a chilling-sounding literary sci-fi. Leigh, a marine biologist, excitedly joins the team exploring a recently discovered trench in the Atlantic ocean, hoping for dazzling scientific breakthroughs . . . Uh-oh.

In The Guardian:

In Ascension by Martin MacInnes, Atlantic

From a trench in the Atlantic to alien intervention, inner worlds to outer space, fiction full of discovery and wonder.

In The Journal:

In Ascension – Martin MacInnes

Atlantic Books

Scottish author Martin MacInnes tells the story of Leigh, who is drawn to water to escape from her unhappy home. As an adult, she turns to marine biology and joins an exploration team trying to find evidence of the earth’s first life forms – and finds something that brings what we know about the beginning of human life into question.

IN ASCENSION will be published by Atlantic on 2 February 2023.