Martin MacInnes' In Ascension is a best Summer reading pick for the Guardian and the Times

We are thrilled to see that Martin MacInnes' newest novel In Ascension is one of the 50 brilliant books to read this summer in the Guardian, and one of the 100 best books for summer in the Times.

Of the book, the Guardian said:

An impossibly deep trench is discovered in the Atlantic ocean, shedding light on the beginnings of life on Earth; a marine biologist with a difficult family background is caught up in the quest to know more. This beautifully composed novel of human frailty and cosmic wonder travels into deep space as well as to the ocean depths, through human connections and profound solitude, finding enlightenment and new mysteries on the journey.

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Of the book, the Times said:

This absorbing literary sci-fi will transport you from the deepest depths of our oceans to the limits of the solar system. We follow the marine biologist Leigh, working the Endeavour, a ship bound to explore what appears to be the deepest trench in the Atlantic. From there, she is recruited into a mysterious space agency.

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