Simon Sebag Montefiore wins the the 10th Wenjin Book Prize

Simon Sebag Montefiore is currently in China where he has been awarded the Wenjin Book Prize for his book JERUSALEM: The Biography. The book is published in China by Shanghai Insight Media.

Below is the press release from the publisher:

'JERUSALEM: The Biography, written by Simon Sebag Montefiore, the bestselling British historian and novelist, has won the most prestigious Chinese literary prize, the 10th Wenjin Book Prize which is awarded by the National Library of China. To date, over 500,000 copies of JERUSALEM: The Biography have been sold in China.

On 29 November, Montefiore came to Shanghai to celebrate the prize won in China by his book JERUSALEM: The Biography and the publication of his new book SASHENKA, one of the Moscow Trilogy novels. In the evening, a celebratory reception will be held at the Yongfoo Elite (former British Consulate General) to celebrate the debut of SASHENKA, the first of the Moscow Trilogy in Chinese, and the success of JERUSALEM: The Biography, and other works.'