African Europeans: An Untold Story

Published by Hurst on 22nd October 2020

As early as the third century, St Maurice―an Egyptian―became leader of the legendary Roman Theban Legion. Ever since, there have been richly varied encounters between those defined as ‘Africans’ and those called ‘Europeans’. Yet Africans and African Europeans are still widely believed to be only a recent presence in Europe. Olivette Otele traces a long African European heritage through the lives of individuals both ordinary and extraordinary. She uncovers a forgotten past, from Emperor Septimius Severus, to enslaved Africans living in Europe during the Renaissance, and all the way to present-day migrants moving to Europe’s cities. By exploring a history that has been long overlooked, she sheds light on questions very much alive today―on racism, identity, citizenship, power and resilience. African Europeans is a landmark account of a crucial thread in Europe’s complex history.