All About Jill

Published by Little, Brown and Company on 23rd May 2002

Jill Dando was on the edge of happiness. The “golden girl” of the BBC, she was in love and about to get married, with the expectation of starting a family. Then came the morning of Monday 26th April 1999, when she met her killer on her own doorstep, a shocking tragedy in an ordinary street.

In this moving and intimate biography, David James Smith explores the life and death of the woman who charmed middle England, especially its men, and inspired love and loyalty in nearly all who knew her. Here too is a woman plagued by doubts and dissapointments; an ambitious woman who felt betrayed by the BBC, who contrived to created a public image of herself as “bland” while privately she was having a ball.

Written with the co-operation of Jull’s family, fiancé Alan Farthing and the police, All About Jill supplies the richly detailed context of a celebrated life and an inexplicable death.