Catherine de Medici

Published on 1st February 2005

Orphaned in infancy, imprisoned in childhood, heiress to an ancient name and vast fortune, Catherine de Medici grew up to become one of the most important figures in European history. Three of her sons became kings of France, including one who married Mary, Queen of Scots. It is a story of incest, vicious religious wars, assassination, poison, the occult and, in Catherine’s own words, ‘passion, hatred and vengeance’.

‘This intelligent and well-researched biography is a worthy testament to Catherine’s formidable strength’ – Observer

‘Narrative history at its best, both scholarly and as captivating as a thriller. Frieda has brought a largely forgotten heroine-villainess and a whole sumptuously vicious era to life again.’ – Simon Sebag Montefiore, Mail on Sunday

‘The skill with which Frieda finds her way through the maze of this confusing period is exemplary .. An enthralling book’ – Literary Review

CATHERINE DE MEDICI was published on 1st February 2005 by Fourth Estate.