Charles III: The Inside Story of the New King's Reign

Published by Macmillan on 18th January 2024

Acclaimed royal biographer Robert Hardman draws on unrivalled access to the Royal Family, friends of the King and Queen, key officials and courtiers plus unpublished royal papers to produce this brilliant account of a tumultuous period in British history. This is a book full of intriguing insider detail and the real stories behind the sadness, the dazzling pomp, the challenges and the triumphs as Charles III sets out to make his mark.

How would – or could – he fill the shoes of the record-breaking Elizabeth II? With fresh debates about the monarchy, political upheavals and a steady flow of damning headlines unleashed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Charles could not afford to put a foot wrong. Hardman charts the transition from those emotionally-charged days following the death of the late Queen all through that make or break first year on the throne, including the Coronation – the joy, the nerves, the hidden meanings and the near-misses on the day.

This book also reveals how Charles III is determined to move ahead at speed, the vital role played by Queen Camilla, the King’s relationships with his sons and the rest of his family, his plans for reforming the monarchy and how he is taking his place on the world stage.

Charles III is a fascinating portrait of a hard-working, modern monarch, determined to remain true to himself and to his Queen, to make a difference, to weather the storms – and, what’s more, to enjoy it.