Dead Line

Dead Line
Published by Quercus on 2nd October 2010

MI5 Intelligence Office Liz Carlyle is called to an urgent meeting with the head of the Service’s Counter-Espionage Branch. His counterpart over at MI6 has received alarming intelligence from a high-ranking Syrian source.

A Middle East peace conference is planned to take place at Gleneagles in Scotland. Several heads of state will attend and the Syrians have learned that two individuals are mounting an operation to disrupt the conference in a spectacular way, laying the blame at Syria’s door. The source claims that the Syrian Intelligence will act against the pair, presumably by killing them.

No one knows what to do. Are they working together? Who is controlling them? Or is this intelligence a carefully laid trail of misinformation?

It is Liz’s job to find out. But, as the conference deadline draws ever closer, she discovers that the threat is far greater than she or anyone else could have imagined. At stake is the future of the whole of the Middle East.