Great Irish Speeches

Published by Quercus on 8th September 2007

Great Irish Speeches contains 50 of the most stirring and memorable speeches in Irish history. From the political oratories of Charles Stewart Parnell, Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera to emotive addresses by the nation’s celebrated poets, writers and musicians, all of the included speeches have had a remarkable impact on the course of Irish and world history.

Each speech is preceded by an introduction, which places the address in context and underlines its historical significance, as well as an iconic photograph of the speaker. Presented chronologically, the collection provides tremendous insight into Irish history.

Includes the following speeches: Éamon de Valera ‘That Ireland which we dreamed of’, Éamon de Valera ‘The abuse of a people who have done him no wrong’, John F. Kennedy ‘Ireland’s hour has come’, Jack Lynch ‘The Irish government can no longer stand by’ Liam Cosgrave ‘Mongrel foxes’, Charles J. Haughey ‘We are living away beyond our means’ Joe Connolly ‘People of Galway – we love you’, John Hume ‘Sit down and negotiate our future with us’, Mary Robinson ‘Come dance with me in Ireland’ Máire Geoghegan-Quinn ‘A necessary development of human rights’ Séamus Heaney ‘The achievement of Irish poets’, David Trimble ‘A cold house for Catholics’ Joe Higgins ‘Ansbacher Man’, Gerry Adams ‘Now there is an alternative’, Ian Paisley ‘A Northern Ireland in which all can live together in peace’, Bertie Ahern ‘This is what Ireland can give to the world’.