Self Abuse

Published on 7th October 2002

At 35, despite his determination to be different from his parents, Jonathan Self found his life echoing theirs: he was a twice-divorced absent father with three young children, one in the UK and two in Australia.

In the searingly frank, moving and painfully funny memoir, Self documents his efforts to break the family mould and become a different kind of parent. It is highly personal in its discussion of alchohol, drug and sexual abuse, filled with extraordinary characters and events, but also universal in describing the pain of separation from one’s children, the best intentions gone awry, and the sins of the parents condemning the children.

Ultimately it is a story filled with love and hope.

‘Jonathan Self’s compulsive, beautifully written memoir is all the more powerful for its sparse, bleak honesty … once you start reading you cannot stop’ Bel Mooney – The Times.

‘The cast of grotesques who people his childhood – the love, hate, torment – are all described with great humour and a laconic wit that had me chortling aloud’ – Daily Mail

‘This life is funny, appalling and dark’ – Time Out

SELF ABUSE was published by Simon & Schuster.