Published on 1st January 1995

A marriage, its breakdown, and a perforated heroine; one woman, many faces, many personalities, and more emerging: a crumbling house, and the rooms of that house (which in our dreams are aspects of the self). Any more trauma and it’s all over!

Sir Edwin Rice has decided to divorce Lady Angelica, ex-rock star. She has behaved intolerably. He petitions the Court to set him free. Angelica fights back. She is not what he thinks – but then what woman ever is? Angelica takes a job as secretary to her husband’s divorce solicitor – only to find one false personality leading to another. How is she to find herself: amongst good wife Angelica, Angel the tart, Jelly the secretary, all-male Ajax, Angela the hopeless – and only one body, albeit a beautiful one, to go round between the lot of them?

SPLITTING was published by Atlantic Monthly on 1st January 1995.