The Clouds Above

Published by Simon & Schuster on 25th September 2001

Two lovers, Len, a working-class RAF pilot, and Stella, a middle-class WAAF radar operator, are drawn together in the face of overwhelming odds. While Len risks his life in the air, Stella tries to adapt to service life. Through her relationship with Len, she comes to a fuller understanding that the blips of light on her screen represent very real, very fragile lives. As the battles in the skies over Britain intensify, Len and Stella wrestle with the foolhardiness of wartime romance.

Told in chapters alternately narrated by the two lovers, and drawn from Andrew Greig’s mother’s diaries chronicling her experiences as a nurse during the war, The Clouds Above deftly portrays both the adrenalin-rush horrors of aerial combat and the tenuous but heightened romantic passions of wartime.