The Endgame

Published by Pan Macmillan India on 24th January 2020

Saddam Hussein is dead, but theres no end to war in Iraq. Armed with a reputation for daredevilry, reporter Tejaswini Ray arrives from New York to cover the conflict and is immediately enmeshed in a skirmish with Commander Luke of the US Marine Corps. Bound by Lukes strict censorship rules, Tejaswini Tejo revolts, her coverage of the death of American soldiers killed by landmines draws the worlds attention to a futile war and invites the Commanders ire. Tejos uneasy mission is further troubled by her chance encounter with Shabnam a young woman trafficked from India and sold into slavery at the Marine camp. Drawn together by an unlikely bond, the two find solace amidst the carnage, but their friendship reveals a secret that links them back to the very beginning of their lives. When the war threatens their camp, Tejo and Shabnam abandon the Marines and embark on an audacious journey. But will they escape the dangers, or will their past invade the present, reversing the wheel of time to hasten the end?