The Love Contract

The Love Contract
Published by HarperCollins Australia on 30th August 2023

Winner of the Banjo Prize for Fiction 2022

The funny new debut 2023 rom-com novel perfect for fans of bestselling TikTok favourites Sally Thorne, Beth O'Leary and Emily Henry.

Can she (pretend to) love her neighbour?

An award-winning modern rom-com for all fans of fake dating, enemies-to-lovers stories.

I didn't know the guy next door. And given he was now my daughter's manny, and my fake boyfriend, I needed to find out.

Single mum Zoe has to return to work but there's a childcare drought and she can't find anyone to look after little Hazel. Enter Will, Zoe's nemesis and frustratingly handsome neighbour. When Will's boss mistakenly assumes Will is Hazel's father and insists he take parental leave, it seems like a simple white lie could get Zoe out of a jam and help Will to make partner at his law firm.

But life with an adorable toddler - and a growing attraction between Will and Zoe - is never as tidy as their agreement's bullet points and dry clauses suggest. As they get deeper into the lie, the lines between truth and fiction blur. But Zoe's hiding a secret and when it comes out, the consequences for all of them could be devastating.