The Smell Of Summer Grass

Published by HarperPress on 31st March 2011

The delightful story of the years spent finding and building a personal Arcadia, sometimes a dream, sometimes a nightmare, by Adam Nicolson, together with his wife, Sarah Raven.

Driven by the pressures of metropolitan life, Adam Nicolson was determined to find his rural idyll where he and his growing family could live in peace and harmony. But what he found was a rundown farm in Sussex. The scenery was breathtaking, but the house was cold and unattractive, the livestock uncooperative and the weeds rampant. But the farm did begin to flourish, the grass grew and Sarah Raven’s own garden became a joy for her and for many.
It might have been the hard end of real farming life but for the readers the whole enterprise is full of delight, thanks to Adam Nicolson’s writing: frank, witty, lyrical, touching. Drawing in part on his acclaimed columns, the author now amplifies the story and brings it up to date, looking to the future and celebrating the importance of holding onto your dreams.