The World's Game: Reflections on Western Culture

The World's Game: Reflections on Western Culture
Published by Head of Zeus on 1st April 2024

In the twelfth century, Pope Clement III declared: 'The Pope is resolved to be the lord and master of the world's game'. Yet history has proven to be much more complex.

In this epic narrative, Frederic Raphael explores the most significant moments, ideas and figures that have shaped the world's stage. He takes us on a journey through history: from the reigns of Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great, to Plato and Socrates and the origins of philosophy, the turning point of World War Two and the invention of the atom bomb, and finally the social and cultural divisions of modern day. It is often a story of conflict: the rise of anti-Semitism, the tensions between science and faith, progress and strife, comedy and ruthlessness.

Thought-provoking and compelling, The World's Game weaves a tapestry of the Western world and the power struggles that have shaped it.

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