James Wolff is one of the next John le Carrés

James Wolff has been described as the next John le Carré in the Telegraph. James is the author of three spy novels: Beside the Syrian Sea, How to Betray your Country, and the latest, The Man in the Corduroy Suit, all published by Bitter Lemon Press.

He was named alongside four other authors.

The article states:

Wolff’s novels have tackled such topical subjects as Intelligence whistleblowing and the poisoning of Russian defectors. “I’m writing about the the day-to-day realities of the profession – I don’t mean tradecraft or Heaven forbid actual secrets, I would be locked up in the Tower of London if I disclosed any of those – but the mood, the texture of it: the humour, the bureaucracy, the failures, the bungles, the occasional successes.”

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