The Great British Speeches: A Stirring Anthology of Speeches from Every Period of British History

Published by Quercus on 3rd March 2011

50 speeches from every period of British history from the medieval era to the present and a fascinating dip-in history title that will both inspire readers and give them a greater understanding of British history. The speechmakers are: King Henry V; Queen Elizabeth I; King Charles I; Oliver Cromwell; Earl of Shelburne; Edmund Burke; Charles James Fox; William Pitt; Warren Hastings; William Wilberforce; R.B. Sheridan; Robert Peel; Charles Grey; Thomas Carlyle; Lord Palmerston; John Bright; Benjamin Disraeli; William Gladstone; James Campbell-Bannerman; F.E. Smith; David Lloyd George; Stanley Baldwin; King Edward VIII; King George VI; Winston Churchill; Aneurin Bevan; Harold Macmillan; Hugh Gaitskell; Nigel Birch; Harold Wilson; Enoch Powell; Michael Foot; Margaret Thatcher; Neil Kinnock; Geoffrey Howe; Charles Spencer; Tony Blair.