The Man Who Invented History: Travels with Herodotus

Published by John Murray on 2nd October 2008

Herodotus is widely known as the Father of History, but he was much more than that. He was also the world’s first travel writer, a pioneering geographer, anthropologist, explorer, moralist, tireless investigative reporter and enlightened multiculturalist before the word even existed. He was at once learned professor and tabloid journalist, with an unfailing eye for fabulous material to inform and amuse, to titillate, horify and entertain.

In his masterpiece, the Histories, tall stories of dog-headed men, gold-digging ants and flying snakes jostle for space within a mesmerising narrative of the Persian Wars, the tumultuous encounter from which Greece emerged triumphant in the early fifth century BC – a victory that gave birth to Western civilisation.

Using the effervescent and profoundly modern Herodotus as his guiding light, Justin Marozzi takes the reader back to his world with eclectic travels to Greece, Turkey, Egypt and war-torn Iraq to produce a sensational blend of travel and history in the spirit of the man who invented it.