Andrew Roberts' and Leanda de Lisle's new biographies both make 'Book of the Week'

Andrew Roberts' new biography, THE CHIEF: The Life of Lord Northcliffe Britain's Greatest Press, explores the life of Lord Northcliffe - based on exclusive access to the Harmsworth family archive - the man who changed the way we learn about the news. Since its publication by Simon & Schuster on 4 August 2022 the book has been garnering rave reviews and was awarded 'Book of the Week' in The Observer on 7 August 2022.

In The Observer review, Andrew Anthony praised THE CHIEF:

'Towards the end of THE CHIEF, his keenly researched biography of Lord Northcliffe, the Daily Mail founder and “Britain’s greatest press baron”, the historian Andrew Roberts observes: “Great men are seldom nice men.”…there’s no question that Northcliffe was indeed an exceptional character… His last months were spent in a state of delirium that manifested as extreme megalomania.’

Leanda de Lisle's new biography, HENRIETTA MARIA: Conspirator, Warrior, Phoenix Queen, also published on 4 August 2022 by Chatto & Windus, was awarded 'Book of the Week' in The Times on 16 July 2022. Her book takes a fresh look at the queen of Charles I, the most reviled consort to have worn the crown of Britain's three kingdoms. Since its publication, the book has been garnering fantastic reviews.

In The Times review, Gerard DeGroot praised HENRIETTA MARIA:

'With grace and sensitivity, de Lisle cuts through the misogyny to reveal a different Henrietta Maria . . . De Lisle understands that history is a story of people; she possesses a visceral understanding of the emotions that swirled inside Henrietta Maria . . . she was not England's greatest queen, but she was probably the most remarkable.'

Congratulations to both.