The Horsey Life

Published by Short Books on 17th September 2008

‘All I can say is that there was something – right from the first. A stubby little mare, bright bay with remarkably large ears. A white star on her forehead shaped like Madagascar, and a huge arse…’

This is the story of an extraordinary relationship – and an extraordinary horse. When Barnes buys dolly Dolores VII, he know he has got something special. She is feisty, restless, mysterious – sometime crazily unpredictable. But she is also, to her owner’s delight, a jumper of mesmerising poise and skill; she canters like a ballerina, gallops like a wild thing.

Then, one day, Dolly does something so startling, so inexplicable that she brings her owner to breaking point. Barnes is faced with a terrible decision…

The Horsey Life is about a friendship pushed to its limits; but it is also filled with larks and joy – a book which takes you right to the heart for the world of horses and those that love them.